The tank test is a test to confirm whether the actual ship satisfies the designed performance by using a model ship that reduced the size from actual ship. In hull form development, a tank test is conducted in two stages of hull form improvement test and performance check test. Then, the optimum hull form satisfied with design specifications is derived. In model ship manufacture, we pay close attention to handling your precious hull form data. And we have been making consistent manufacture from lines drawing to model ship cutting.


Hull form development of general merchant ships, fishing vessels, working vessels for short term & low cost. More than 55 vessels annually, more than 2,400 vessels in all( in 2018).

Example of tank test

Resistance test

Self-propulsion test

Oblique towing test

Planar motion mechanism test

Stream lines observation test

Flow on the surface of hull

Difference of wave made by model ship before and after hull form improvement
Before improvement
After improvement
Process of manufacturing a model ship


Lines drawing


Making 3D surface hull form data


Cutting out by model ship cutting robot


Final adjustment by expert engineers