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Designing and manufacturing test facilities

Circulating water channel is the facility for the hydrodynamic experiment. Our circulating water channel has the characteristic of setting the flow with high uniformity, low turbulent, stable surface with perfect flatness. So, it is possible to carry out the experiment with high accuracy in our circulating water channel, not only for ship hydrodynamics but also in other various research fields. Further we have developed various facilities such as wind tunnel and large circulating water channel with wave generator, and deliverd them to domestic and foreign researchers. It is possible to design the experimental facility according to the request of the client. Also we provide the maintenance service of installed facilities in order to be carried out the experiments with high quality by users.

Assembly process of circulating water channel


Determination of specification and layout of Circulating water channel


Flow simulation of each section by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)


Creating drawings using 2D and 3D CAD software


Foundation work


Assembling each block of Circulating water channel



Delivery record

Circulating water channels239
Wind tunnels33

(in 2018)