The maximum speed is 5.5m/s. In water channels with free surface, the capable of setting high-speed flow like this is rare in the world. This circulating water channel is useful for performance estimation of high speed boat and the development of current and tide power generator.

Overall dimensions L 24.0m × B 3.2m × H 6.6m
Observation part dimensions L 7.5m × B 1.5m × D 1.25m
Maximum flow rate 5.5m/s
Electric motor 110kw × 2
Test example
  • Development of high speed boats, fishing boats, water bikes
  • Development of towing vehicle
  • Development of the acoustic device on the bottom of the vessel
  • Test on the tide power generator

Resistance test of high speed boat model

Resistance test of catamaran type high speed boat model

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