In this circulating water channel, it is possible to simulate ocean phenomena such as wave, wind and current. It is useful for the technology development of eqipments using in the ocean. The scale of this circulating water channel is on the top level of the experimental channel in the world.

Overall dimensions L 60.2m × B 4.0m × H 5.4m
Observation part dimensions L 48.0m × B 4.0m × D 1.6m
Blower air outlet L 3.9m × H 0.8m from the water surface 0.35m
Electric motor 100 kW for current × 2 for a blower 37 kW × 2
Maximum flow rate 2.0m/s
Maximum wave height 0.2m
Maximum wind speed 10.0m/s
Test example
  • Sea keeping test of ship model
  • Ocean buoys
  • Towing vehicle
  • Oil fence
  • Behavior of oil pipes etc. of the undersea oil field
  • Performance test of tidal power generator
  • Wind resistant test of floating structures

Estimation of the sea keeping performance using model ship

Flow visualization of the warm water discharge from sea bottom

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