We support the development and research for our customer’s wide ranging fields from ships, oceans, aircraft, sports and leisure. We will work on technical development of EFD (Experimental Fluid Dynamics) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) will continue to challenge the construction of the next generation measurement and analysis system.

Development of underwater vehicles

Towing vehicle for ocean environment survey

Low cost R.O.V

R.O.V without tethered cable

Research on sports and leisure

Study on swimming training method

Resistance test of swimsuit, cap, and goggles by elastic model

Flow visualization around a fishing lure

Acoustic bubble spectrometer

We will acoustically measure bubble size distribution and void fraction in liquid using two hydrophones. Measurement and analysis are conducted by one PC.Bubble range: 5 μm to 500 μm

Measurement device


Simulation of flow by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

CFD is a powerful tool for understanding spatial phenomena and reducing experimental costs. We are using our abundant experimental skills to improve the accuracy of simulation and expand the scope of application.

Flow around the ship bottom

Flow around hull with a free surface

Flow around the turbine for hydroelectric power generation

PBCF(Propeller Boss Cap Fins)

boss cap at the rear of the propeller, the vortex generated downstream of the boss cap is diffused/reduced. As a result, it reduces induced resistance due to vortex and improves propeller efficiency. (Joint development with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. and NAKASHIMA PROPELLER CO.,LTD.)

  • Continue to be effective with polishing maintenance level
  • 3 to 5% energy saving effect. (CO2 emission reduction)
  • Over 3,250 vessels have adopted !! (in 2018) 
  • Won Nikkei Global Environment Technology Award
Contribution to marine environmental conservation
Equipment certification by ECO ACTION PROGRAM of Canada Vancouver Port (January 1, 2017 ~ )
※ It is selected as a technique to reduce the influence of underwater acoustic noise on marine creature. (26% reduction in port dues)



Slope/step switching type ladder
  • This accomodation ladder with slope/steps switching system will help the smooth movement of passengers and wheelchairs.
  • The height is adjustable by a simple button operation.
  • Battery charging is done by solar power gereration.
  • It requires only two operators because of its lightweight structure.