CWC with 2 impellers


The flow in CWC(Circulating Water Channel) is generated by the impellers. By operating continuously for a long time, it is possible to provide the experimenter with an infinitely long water channel. The ease of observing fluid phenomena is also an advantage of the experiment in CWC.
In CWC provided by us, the uniformity of the flow velocity distribution in the test section is extremely high. And the water surface in the test section is quite smooth. These features were obtained as a result of the advanced design of the shape, internal structure and impeller of CWC. We design and produce CWC that fit the client’s research purpose.

Main application

・Ship Fluid Dynamics Experiment Including Propeller
・Civil engineering hydraulic experiment
・Marine equipment development
・Space and Aerodynamics Experiment
・Fishery Equipment Development, Fisheries Engineering Research
・Sports science research, training
・Computational fluid dynamics verification experiment
・Other researches in fluid dynamics, for education

Oblique test on ship model

Observation of set net〔2 paragraph net〕
(Delivery destination・Photo provided:Kanagawa Prefectural Fisheries Technology Center Sagami Bay Test Station)