Accessories for CWC

Surface flow accelerator "MVR "

The water flow near the wall in circulating water channel has the property of being low by the influence of friction. The flow field near the water surface in the test section is also affected by this phenomenon. Our surface flow accelerator “MVR ” was developed to set the uniform flow even in the area very close to the water surface. This device has improved the accuracy of ship engineering experiments in the circulating water channel. Also, as a result of research, a secondary flow suppression type was developed, and the accuracy of surface flow was further improved. This technology is effective to set uniform flow near the bottom of the test section for the experiment on model trawl net for fisheries engineering.

(The surface flow accelerator of secondary flow suppression type is developed with Dr. Kawashima, former National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering,Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency.)

Water level adjustment device

The water level adjustment device is effective for suppressing steady waves in the test section of the circulating water channel and setting a flat water surface. To set the water in CWC to adapted quantity is effective for suppressing steady wave. However if the user of CWC wants flat water surface completely, the water supply and drainage with high accuracy is necessary. By using our “Water level adjustment device” it can be carried out the optimum operation of setting flow field with flat water surface even for beginners of experiment. We will provide automatic control system for CWC within the adjustment water amount according to the flow velocity.

Standing wave control device (ridge)

In the case of the flow rate in the channel reaches the certain value when Fd (Depth Fluid Number) is 1.0, the height of steady wave must be maximum. This phenomenon was serious problem for us until the development of “Ridge”.
“Ridge” is the name of our steady wave control device for high speed CWC. The long prism rises from the bottom of the test section. We call the long prism “Ridge”. The height of Ridge is controlled by motor according to the flow rate.

This special device for high speed CWC was developed inspired by the advice of late honorary professor Tagori of Tokyo University.

Ridge is instolled to the bottom of upstream area in the test section