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Metabolic measurement tank for small fish


This tank was developed for metabolic measurement of juvenile and juvenile fish. The water tank is small and lightweight, so it is easy to move it to different experimental locations.


Below the motor is a structure that can be immersed in water. By using a thermostat, it is possible to control the water temperature in the pipeline. A safe water seal is set by removing air bubbles from the air vent. By sliding the swimming pool fixing ring, recovery of the test fish from the swimming tank can be done quickly and easily. Since the measuring probe etc. are fixed by the rubber plug of the measuring port, it is possible to attach various probes with different shapes only by processing the rubber plug and it is excellent in maintainability. A rectifying device is attached, and it is possible to set a low turbulence flow in the fish.

Overall dimensionsL 1480mm×H 1020mm (Height to motor 725mm)
Swimming tankL 600mm Inner diameter 120mm Outer diameter 140mm
Transmission deviceImpeller & drive motor (0.2kW)
Rectification deviceHoneycomb (polypropylene)
Control deviceInverter control
MaterialSwimming tank : Transparent acrylic tube
Pipeline section : Vinyl chloride
Impeller : Made of resin
Impeller shaft : SUS304
Mount : SUS304
Flow velocity0.1~0.7 m/s