Personal tank


“If i can confirm the phenomenon by a simple experiment when an idea using the flow of water comes up “
“If i can do a simple fluid experiment beside my desk “

Personal tank was born from the demand of such users. It was developed as an experimental device that can be handled easily and that can be set in full scale. It is easy to move, by wheels and the power supply is AC100V, so it can be used in the sense of general electric appliances.


Overall dimensionsFull length 2.0m~2.6m
Observation section cross sectionLength 0.7m~1.3m
Flow velocity0~0.7m/s
Power supplyAC100V(AC200V also ok.)

Main application

・Hydrodynamic experiments on the initialstageoftheresearch before the stage of the research with a large experiment facility.
・Flow visualization experiments using relatively small specimens.
・Education of hydrodynamics.

Observation of lure behavior