CWC for training

Boat/canoe training CWC

CWC for research on sports training methods
Delivered to Japan Institute of sports sciences

Observation of the movement of the canoe paddle

Stormy weather simulation CWC

It has wave generator, water flow generator and air blowing functions, so, rescue training in the rough sea is possible in this facility.

Descent training equipment from a rescue helicopter

Muddy water tank assuming dirty water

A water tank where you can do diving training
(The above picture shows the condition without water)

Diving pool

Rescue training building
(left: training pool、right: diving tank)
Diving board
On the top of the diving tank,
there is a diving platform with a height of about 2m.


On the first floor and the second floor of the adjacent building, there are four observation windows and four illumination lights, which allow outdoor observation, guidance, and safety management. In the water tank and on the rooftop poolside, there are suspension fittings that can be used for rescue training using ropes and obstacle training with ropes. A pipe is attached around the water surface and it is possible to set up a sheet on the front separately from the rope training, set up a nighttime training in the darkness, cover for garbage fall prevention and manage water quality. The tank body and other accessories are all made of SUS304, and have a size of 6m in diameter x 8m in depth, so that two pairs of divers can dive at the same time.