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Free running model test system (FRT system)


FRT system was developed to evaluate the maneuverability of the ship. By using this system the propeller rotating speed and rudder angle of model ship are controlled with manual operation or autopilot. In the free running test, control and data measurement are carried out by real time processor witch is mounted in the model ship. The measured data is stored in the memory of the processor, at the same time sent by radio to the personal computer to be set beside the basin. So it is possible to analyze and indicate the results just after the experiment. The trajectory and attitude of the model ship are analyzed by using motion tracking system include CCD cameras which are set beside basin.

Test mode

・Zig-Zag test
・Spiral test
・Reversed spiral test
・Turning test
・Pull out test
・Speed trial test
・Stopping test
・Auto pilot


Z test measurement screen