Micro bubble generator

This device has been developed mainly for laboratories to support research and development related to microbubbles. It is provided along with the measurement results of the bubble size distribution generated in the experimental tank.

Micro bubble generation principle

This device uses a self-priming, air bubble generation mechanism. In this method, the gas taken in from the suction port is crushed and refined by the shear force of the pump impeller. It has been studied to have a high physiologically active function as compared to the pressurized method.


・Allows experiments under conditions where the generated bubble distribution is known
・Uniform bubble size distribution
・Self-priming system eliminates the need for a compressor
・All gases can be safely used as needed
・Experiment with small amount of sample possible Small size and space saving

Micro bubble occurrence situation
(in seawater)

Device Name and Specifications

FormatWing type
Range of measurementThe main flow direction is 0 deg and all directions up to 25 deg attack angle
Flow velocity0.5~2.0m/s
AccuracyCurrent direction±2deg、Main flow velocity±3%
Bubble diameter distribution measurement result [Measurement result by ultrasonic type bubble size distribution measuring device (ABS)]

Inventor・・・National Institute of Technology, Ariake College Prof. Himuro