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Wind tunnel

In the wind tunnel many kinds of experiment are carried out, for example, the measurement of wind force on the structures or the buoys floating on the water, the performance experiment of radiator for automobile or motor bike, etc. The test section of this wind tunnel is removable. It is effective for the modification of the form of the test section to depend on the experiments the client needs.


Overall dimensionsL 16.5m × B 5.7m × H 4.1m
Observation part dimensionsL 5.0m × B 0.8m × D 0.8m
(L 2.0m × B 0.4m × D 0.4m)
Maximum wind speed20m/s(40m/s)
Electric motor30kw × 1

Horizontal circulation or blowing can be replaced.

Test example

・Resistance test of sportswear
・Wind test of roof-top structure and floating structure in lake
・Radiator heat radiating performance test of automobile · motorcycle
 (JIS standard compliant)
・Flow visualization by PIV (Particle Image Velocity)

Wind pressure demonstration test of floating solar power generation