CWC and wind tunnel products

High speed CWC

It is a CWC developed to respond to experiments using relatively fast flow.

Cavitation tunnel

It is an experimental CWC that can be decompressed for cavitation, which is one of the fluid phenomena.

CWC with 2 impellers

It is a CWC which generates a flow by providing two impellers arranged in parallel at the bottom of the tank and rotating them in opposite directions.

Ocean simulation CWC

We made for the purpose of conducting research on various flows in the coastal continental shelf area and research on wind waves.

Oscillatory flow CWC

In the oscillatory flow CWC, the flow direction of the observation part can be changed at any cycle.

Personal tank

It is an experimental device that can be handled easily and can be set in full scale.

Low cost
personal tank

It is a simplified personal tank developed to make the personal tank more affordable.

Two diminsional wave generating flume (Wave generating flume・Variable gradient tank)

An elongated water channel suitable for two dimensionally elucidating phenomena.

Thermal stratification tank

The thermal stratification tank is an experimental device that can set several layers of water with different temparatures in the test section

Thermal stratification wind tunnel

Accurately reproduce large-scale natural phenomena in the atmosphere.

Small visualization wind tunnel

We are reducing the noise of each device with a small size and low price.

Low noise wind tunnel

It is a wind tunnel where you can experiment while keeping the measurement part in a quiet environment.

Sonic wind tunnel

It can be operated continuously and has low noise。

Surface accelerator

This is to make the flow velocity distribution in the depth direction uniform in the observation section of the CWC.

Experimental equipment and measuring equipment

Resistance tester

A device for measuring the resistance of a model ship in a CWC.

Propeller open boat

It is a device for conducting performance research and development of propellers.

Free running model test system (FRT system)

The remote control from land controls the propeller and rudder, and tests by manual and autopilot.

Three-dimensional velocimeter with small propellers

An impeller-type velocimeter capable of measuring the flow direction and flow velocity.

Micro bubble generator

Developed for laboratory use to support research and development on micro bubbles.

Three-dimensional traverse device

It is a control device to move and set each sensor and test object to any position in X, Y, Z three-dimensional direction with high accuracy.

Plunger type wave generator

It is a small and lightweight wave making device that can combine multiple sheets.

Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer(ABS)

It is a system that measures the bubble size distribution in liquid using ultrasonic signals.

Self propulsion dynamometer

This device is used for self-propulsion tests and propeller-only tests of model ships.

Research and development and model

Cavitation tunnel test

Cavitation experiments can be performed by using an ultrasonic bubble nucleus measuring device and a bubble removing device in combination.

Hydraulic experiment model

We make precise scale models and conduct high precision hydraulic experiments.

Model ship cutting machine

It is a system that makes numerical control data from offset and cuts model ship.

New ladder for elderly people

It is a tape corresponding to the barrier free.

Slope/step switching type ladder

It is a tape corresponding to the barrier free.

Slope / step switching type ladder (with roof)

It is covered with a new ladder for elderly people.

Slope/step switching type ladder (Covered solar power installation)

It has a roof for the elderly and a solar power source.