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New CWC Shinpachi

In September 2016, we introduced a new CWC

No.1 ・ No.2 CWC

No.1 & 2 Circulating water channel are used for many R & D, for example on ship hydrodynamics, swimming, marine sports and leisure, etc.

Cavitation tunnel

In the cavitation tunnel, it is possible to test cavitation occurring in rotating blades such as a propeller of a ship. In addition, it is useful to hydrodynamic experiment in the duct.

High speed CWC

The maximum speed is 5.5m/s. In water channels with free surface, the capable of setting high-speed flow like this is rare in the world.

Ocean simulation CWC

In this circulating water channel, it is possible to simulate ocean phenomena such as wave, wind and current. It is useful for the technology development of eqipments using in the ocean.

Wind tunnel

In the wind tunnel many kinds of experiment are carried out, for example, the measurement of wind force on the structures or the buoys floating on the water, the performance experiment of radiator for automobile or motor bike, etc.

Hydraulic experiment site

There are head tank, storage pit, pipe line and large pump in the hydraulic experiment site.